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Magnets are materials that produce a magnetic field of their own. A Chick Magnet is a magnet that produces a Range-Fem Magnetic Field, which, in layman's words, means a magnetic field that attracts chicks.

edit No Monopoles

Remember that all chick magnets must follow Maxwell's Equations, namely that:

\nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} = 0

So there are no monopoles, and every chick magnet must both be attractive and repulsive depending on their orientation, or how they are approached. Approaching a chick magnet in a bar can be much more attractive than waking up next to them the morning after, which according to popular journals has been proven to be a much more repulsive case. A chick magnetic monopole was supposedly detected in an experiment at Berkley on Valentine's day, but this has never been reproduced.

one exception to this is moving the other end so far away the repulsive field does not interact with chicks in the area, leaving only the attractive one. this is how one becomes a movie star.

edit Magnetizing materials


Contrary to what you may think, this is actually a douche.

Some materials are not magnets, yet can be temporarily magnetized. Unlike with regular magnets, rubbing yourself against a puppy won't make you a chick magnet. More likely, it will make you a deviant, maybe even a prisoner. Most magnetizable materials can only be magnetized with one kind of chick magnets. For example, in order to make a duck a chick magnet, you can't pierce it (bad ass), nor can you make it wear a necklace and (expensive). The only way to magnetize a duck is to make it gay.

edit Anti magnets

Surprisingly, some materials in nature are anti-magnetic to chicks. Paradoxically, there are materials which are attracted to to anti-magnets. The group of anti magnets usually consists of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, living with your parents, folk music records and also extensive knowledge about actual magnets.

A subgroup of pretentiousmagnets, called smartmagnetic materials, is usually attracted to anti magnets, however, repels and is repelled by regular chick magnets. This happens due to the fact that smartmagnets are usually hedious and uncool, and owners of chick magnets can get a lot better.

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