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Centrebus is a bus company operating in and around several British towns, taking passengers from point A to point B at a pace barely faster than walking. Established in 2001, it has quickly taken over all competition bus and coach companies in central Britain, leaving no alternative for people who are too lazy to walk and too stupid to drive.

In typical transport-company fashion, its CEO is a multi-millionaire who loves to annoy commuters with grossly oversized fares, slow buses, and gum all over the seats.

edit Reliability


Extremely reliable.

Centrebus are the lowest of low companies running with buses.

Operating the worlds worst buses they operate a variety of utterly idiotic routes.

This involves using the MERCEDES VARIOS. The beginning of Armageddon.

Users of Centrebus describe their thought of traveling on the alleged new system:

  • The new system sucks - If you want a major efficient system why don't you travel on the new feet you have.
  • Not worth the bother. - The varios suck, I always sit near the driver who just decides its time to empty his load... ON THE WHEEL. Useless bothering.

edit Inconsistency

1024px-Centrebus Solos

As shown here Optare are proud to test the OPTARE SOLOs on the F1 track with a top speed of... 17MPH!

Centrebus have the world's worst buses, taking advantage of all the buses that are either damaged/have been on fire/at the end of life. None of the buses in this fleet are consistent. Some are purple, some are brown, some have blue text, some have red, some have seats, some have suspension and as per normal, some have none of these.

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