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While unquestionably a demographic that is minuscule in proportion compared to other famous bloodsucking freaks of nature (see vampires, oil companies, and Hollywood), celebrity mosquitoes (not to be confused with Celebrity Misquotes) still form a vital part of the entertainment industry. Most mosquitoes that enter the celluloid medium generally find themselves working as extras on jungle sets, where they have been repeatedly typecast as the irritating, nameless, and legion nemeses of countless adventurer parties. However, a notable few have survived long enough to break the mold and immortalize themselves on the silver screen.

edit Notable Examples

  • Frieder Wittich - The only mosquito in cinematic history to direct a film, titled Mosquito (1999). He was also the film's cinematographer while playing himself at the same time, a feat accomplished by his innovative use of "mosquito-vision" POV, accomplished by super-gluing a camera to his proboscis. It is a landmark film, one which won him an award of some kind.
  • Skeet Ulrich - This famous American actor had to change his name from "Mosquito" to "Skeet" to be able to pass as a human and make it, but mostly to make his incredibly unimaginative birth name sound a little less inane and a little more like Skeeter, his favorite person evar. His most notable performance was as Thug in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), taking his mosquito heritage and channeling it into human form in a heartbreaking tour de force that has been

    Bob Styptic (left) in Mosquitos (1995), a greek tragedy

    described by Peter Travers as "a Hegelian dialectic that avalanches insight onto the issue of ethical life by comparing similarities of assholery present in Ulrich's mosquito life experience and melding it into his keen observations of human interaction. It made me wet my pants in indescribable tremors of ecstasy."
  • Bob Styptic (pictured right) - Made his debut as himself in Mosquitos (1995) (contrary to popular belief, not a sequel to Wittich's Mosquito), a Greek tragedy-styled romance about inter-species homosexuality, a film well ahead of its time, which hasn't arrived yet. Nobody cared about this movie and it tanked, but Steven Spielberg noticed him anyway and asked him to play the role of the nameless but iconic mosquito trapped in amber that topped John Hammond's walking cane in Jurassic Park (1994). Mr. Styptic also moonlights as a time traveler.
  • Jock Mosquito - Everyone knows Jock. Jock is a famous aboriginal painter mosquito, famous for his paintings of Australian landscapes from the compound-eye perspective. But that's not why he is a celebrity. He's a celebrity because everyone knows him.

edit Notable Unexamples

The following celebrities are often confused for celebrity mosquitos:

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