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Tachyon Resonance Inertial - Magnetic Enveloping Transferance...

A new system being developed by the local transit agency here in Portland Oregon that will be incorporated into the mass transit bus system during the next phase of upgrades.

The entire downtown bus mall will be eveloped in magnetic field bordering east and west on 5th and 6th streets, and north and south by Everette and Main streets. Buses coming through this area will emit a Tachyon pulse ahead of them creating an "image" of what is ahead of the bus, whever something is sensed that should not be there (a car or person crossing on a red light for instance) the bus will blast the object with a rotating magnetic field that will cause the object to bounce harmlessly off the buses bumper and the bounce all over the bus mall within the fore mentioned magnetic field.

Once the 'mall has sensed that the object's inertia has slowed to a safe speed the object's rotating magnetic field will be polarized in such a way that they will be forced down a side street and be placed safely back on the ground.

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