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edit Moshe Katsav: High Loop-de-Loop of Israel


Known to, play with his wee-wee on the Knesset floor. Compares everyone he doesn't like to Hitler. Dresses up in women's panty-hose... top AND bottom. shoot. he doesn't like olympic athletes because they have cooler haircuts then him. Currently tied up in LONG, LONG, LONG, meetings with the stinkiest frou-frouest, most buddy-buddy, kissy-kissy, stinkwhores the bush administration can send his way.
Oh yeh, Born in Iran. Fled to Smell Aviv where he worked the streets as a mangina until he caught a disease. Then, he was INSTANTLY made President and High Loop-de-loop of Israel. Known to pick his butt in the elevator and compare his weenus (and i do mean wee, (the sheep talked)) to Ariel Sharon's.

There has to be a more appropriate location for this (i.e., create an article or something). It could also be funnier. Ettlz 08:35, 5 Jul 2005 (UTC)

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