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Yugoserbia Vital Facts

Land Area-400,000 Sq Miles
Location- Central Europe (Between Germany, France, and Switzerland)
Capital- Moscow D.C.
Religion- Judslam
Literacy Rate- -8% and a half
Chief Export- Patented Yugoserbian Titanium Forheads
Political Leadership- A Democratic-Commocracy (A Dictator with an elected Parliment)
Leader- Slaffen McDucho (Also country mascott, and is always seen in kilt with a white wife beater with zebra skin tie)
Fun Facts- Only country with more nukes than people, only country that fought itself during the Cold War as a whole, contrary to popular belief McDucho is related to the Spanish word ducho which means 'I Shower'.

History of Yugoserbia

Yugoserbia was founded in 1944 at the height of the Second World War to provide a safe haven for escaped Australian Military Prisoners of War held in Japan. Yugoserbia was founded by a Federico McDucho with backing from Scottland provided that all leaders of the country don a kilt at all times. Australian POWs jumped at the chance to go somewhere that the toliets don't act like communists and to be a part of Western Culture. During the prison escape 14,000 Austrailians were killed in freak land mine fiascos. In 1948 the 5,000 former POWs were met with an influx of other Europeans to create the first baby boom of the country boosting the population from 5,000 to 500,000.25 in 12 months. During the 50's when Germany was spliting, Yugoserbia had started its line of Patented Yugoserbian products. The first off the line was the short lived Patented Yugoserbian Exploding Superball marketed to children under the age of 5 across the world. There were no survivors. During the 60's the YASA (Yugoserbian Aeronautical Space Administration) started a project for cuter space puppies, and resulted in the country's first nuclear weapon, unfourtnatly YASA had created 2,000,001 of these puppies. These nuclear puppies were placed in rocket warheads creating Yugoserbia's massive nuclear arsenal. Thus starting the country's nuclear puppy craze which lasted until the late 1980's. In 1974 Yugoserbia's leader, Federico McDucho, was killed in freak rubberband accident when his secretary startled him in his office and he shot himself in the eye with a rubberband so hard it bounced around in his skull for 3 whole minutes. Control of the country was left to his idiot brother, Slaffen McDucho. Slaffen came to office with a new forigen policy demanding all Columbian cocain be sent to the United States of American to thank the people for sucess in World War Two.

Yugoserbia Today

Yugoserbia is the leading country in titanium implications. Also Yugoserbia has the highest ratio of scientists to hobos, at 42/1. These scientists ,which acount for 47% of the population, are ALL in the country's YNSID (Yugoserbian National Souveinier Invention Department). Currently they are at the forfront of stemcell research for increasing the amount of nuclear puppy clones to bolster the nations armory. So far only 100,500 sqare miles of the country are uninhabitable due to freak puppy ruptures.

Yugoserbian Products

This is a list of some of the wonderful and extremely useful Yugoserbian products.

Patented Yugoserbian Titanium Forheads
Patented Yugoserbian Rocket Pants
Patented Yugoserbian Shotgun Holster
Patented Yugoserbian Shotgun Airbag
Patented Yugoserbian Gold Shotgun
Patented Yugoserbian Jello in a Can
Patented Yugoserbian General Purpose Panic Buttons
Patented Yugoserbian Portable Ejection Seats
Patented Yugoserbian Scottsman in a Bottle Energy/Motavational Drink
Patented Yugoserbian Flannel Undershorts
Patented Yugoserbian Edible Fake Legs
Patented Yugoserbian Fake Exploding Pants
Patented Yugoserbian Literal Nutcracker
Patented Yugoserbian Laser Fingers
Patented Yugoserbian Edible Toliet Seat Covers
Patented Yugoserbian Short Range 20x Scope
Patented Yugoserbian Ninja Burger Corporation
Patented Yugoserbian iBox
Patented Yugoserbian jPod
Patented Yugoserbian Sticky Notes
Patented Yugoserbian Doom Pants
Patented Yugoserbian Tang
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