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Hello all!

I'm making a general call here for all Catholic Uncyclopedians or simply any Uncyclopedians who have a good knowledge of the Catholic faith. For Catholics especially, if we look at the long history of our faith and all the mystery and mess associated with it, we know that there's a lot of funny and weird stuff within it that is worth playing up if we know not to take ourselves too seriously. My ultimate goal (which could take years - I don't care) is to build a Catholic Portal here on Uncyclopedia that is funny, coherent, and satirical - one that exaggerates the problems our religion sometimes has and makes them both amusing and thought-provoking at the same time. Yeah, a pretty tall order, but what the hey, it's something to do at the office. And really - I think we can do a lot better than repeated jokes about priests raping altar boys, God not existing, the Pope being a Nazi, and other very stale and uninformed jokes about Catholicism. Come on. We're a funnier bunch than that.

Anyway, I hope someone will read this and take an interest in it. My starting points for building this universe are, of course, Catholicism itself and the Vatican City. There are lot of articles in here already that have pretty good potential, and I hope that we can have a truly excellent category sometime in the future!

--UtarEmpire 14:26, 28 September 2006 (UTC)

P.S. If you're the berk who keeps putting factual information on Pirate Nun over and over again, I really would recommend therapy. And possibly corrective glasses.

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