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Articles in this category have been marked with {{Construction}}. Pages that have not been edited in more than a week can be assumed abandoned or finished, and may be deleted or have the tag removed.

Administrators: To view and delete articles in this category sorted by last edit, go to Uncyclopedia:Maintenance/WIP.

List of Oldest pages with this short-term category (may need removal)
Page:Last Edit
Wookieepedia00:18, September 6, 2017
John Edlinger The Movie14:46, September 14, 2017
Skippy06:25, September 15, 2017
UnRealism02:23, September 25, 2017
Dihydrogen Monoxide07:45, September 26, 2017
Trumpology07:32, October 5, 2017
Bing (TV show)19:11, October 7, 2017
The Bill Against Bush-walking (2017)11:22, October 10, 2017
HowTo:Commit Suicide, modern ways20:05, October 21, 2017
Luis Suarez18:09, October 23, 2017
HowTo:Properly use sources03:11, November 9, 2017
Kim Possible22:50, November 9, 2017
Dan Schneider18:06, November 10, 2017
Thieves Guild05:59, November 19, 2017
Roy Moore09:40, November 20, 2017
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