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Somebody wants these pages deleted! Is it you? See Uncyclopedia:Votes for deletion.

List of Oldest pages with this short-term category (may need removal)
Page:Last Edit
Category:Deletion Survivor09:27, June 20, 2011
Category:VFD nomination13:10, June 20, 2011
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/temp519:57, October 22, 2013
MacGyver12:44, March 13, 2015
Chyna23:17, May 7, 2015
User:Miley Spears/Men in Black13:35, May 8, 2015
A Day at the Barn with Hitler01:54, May 10, 2015
Labor Party13:55, May 10, 2015
Al Qaeda Chicken13:36, May 24, 2015
What to do if you open your front door one day and there is a portal to an alternate dimension instead of what you expected to see, which was probably something along the lines of whatever is usually outside your house13:41, May 25, 2015
Hemorrhoid22:28, May 25, 2015
Ukrainian Nazi Party19:46, May 26, 2015
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