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(mr winkler sez too sea also)
(mr winkler sez too sea also: Removing Template:subcat in favour of direct category links; no longer needed)
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* [[:Category:User nq|uyserz which speeks nelliequeen]]
* [[:Category:User nq|uyserz which speeks nelliequeen]]
{{subcat|Mr. Winkler}}
[[Category:Mr. Winkler]]
{{subcat|Uncyclopedia Userspace In-Jokes}}
[[Category:Uncyclopedia Userspace In-Jokes]]

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Thes usrs thik mr winkler is GAY, wich is true. if u thik mr winkler is GAY, ad ths templte to ur usrpag imediatly: {{User Winkler}}.

edit mr winkler sez too sea also

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