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Stan in arr his Stanner.

Arr Stan-restanted stanicres here to stan from. Instaning Stan. Yipstan!

Other-Stan countries is a collection of homogeneous Eurasian countries that a) speak in a similar voice / tone, b) are generally weird, and c) do not have running water or DC electricity. Tajikistan, being one of the more prominent members of this region, proclaims itself as the "Riviera of Grandeur Wheat Germ" [whatever that means]. Anyhow, it is worth noting that Uzbekistan, named after a gun from the infamous "Call of Duty" series, has a much desired reign over the region as it harnesses the power of goat-driven scooters, water-buffalo powdered water, and is quote, the ass-hole neighbour, unquote, of Kazakhstan. Finally, Uzbekistan also utilises the exquisite power of Ammospermophilus leucurus to ensure that its glorious nation has a constant food supply as well as ventilating furs.

Stan: Arr stan stanicres of stantries must be stanned in this Stan. OStan?


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