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Runescape, (Greek for "homosexual nerds"), is a game in which a bunch of the world's biggest losers and no-lifes engage eachother over the internet in an always unsuccessful attempt to get a life. Most players agree that the main attempt of Runescape is to "up" your character level to gain new skills; however, that has been disproven by Nerdiometrist (the study of nerds) scientists in Siberia. Over the past 2 years, the "population" of Runescape has near quadrupled, which ultimately points to the cause of pimples in America (Runescape + nerds = pimple epidemic).

Runescape was created in 1800 by Eli Whitney in an attempt to stop the Germans from invading Greenland, and was a complete success. At the time, Greenland was ruled by the Rupublic of Polar Bears (RPB). While browzing for illegal pornography (Jewish porn), Adolf Hitler came across Runescape and started his own account. Soon enough, all of Germany was playing the game and upping their levels to a new degree of fag-dom. However, when Hitler's character (Jue Killa) died in Varrock he did something few Runescape players have the strength to do..... he stopped playing.

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