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Every time I try to take a sojourn, something like this happens. Every fucking time.

Dude, I just can't take a fucking sojourn anywhere. Like, WTF?

So there I was

sitting in my fucking room, doing my Solid Snake thing with the Playstation and the dogs, right? Like, boring nerd shit.

and I fucking think

maybe I should take a sojourn, right? Like, to some badass place like Canada.

so I pulled out my

wallet and bought some plane tickets... and you know what happened? That's right. I nearly got raped by a fucking yak.

Since then

I've gone to Troy, Mecca, Canada, Uncyclopedia, Chicago, Paris, Canada, and London.

And guess what? Every fucking time, I nearly got raped.

No, seriously. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

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