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All metalheads everywhere, heed my words! The people enclosed on this page are the undoubted GODS of the Satanic Instrument, the GUITAR, making them HELLGODS of the HIGHEST ORDER!!!!

These Are The Daves I Know I Know, These Are The Daves I Know
Some of them are Davids, but most of them are Daves
David Attenborough - David Beckham - David Blaine - David Bowie - David Byrne - David Cameron - Dave Chappelle - David Copperfield - David Duchovny - David Duke - Dave Gahan - Dave Gilmour - Dave Grohl - David Hasselhoff - David Hume - David Icke - David Letterman - Dave Lister - David Lloyd George - David Lynch - Dave Meltzer - Dave Murray - Dave Mustaine - David Tennant - Dave Thomas
They All Have Their Own Hands, But They Come From Different Moms
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