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*{{gsl|Game:Grueslayer/shootimplementors|Shoot implementors with gun}}
*{{gsl|Game:Grueslayer/shootimplementors|Shoot implementors with gun}}
*{{gsl|Game:Grueslayer/savefiles|Use kiosk}}
*{{gsl|Game:Grueslayer/savefiles|Use kiosk}}
[[Category:Uncyclopedia Games]]
{{Subcat|Uncyclopedia Games}}

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You are in a large office space. There is a sink full of unwashed coffee cups, and a load of waste paper baskets labelled "Rejected Ideas". Several people are working in cubicles, with signs labeled "Trar, Emmzee, Pongo, Conniving, Uncyclopedian, Jedravent, Blue Yonder, Gruekicker, Jordan L. and Naughty Budgie". You notice most of the cubicles are empty.

A lazy-looking guy gets up from his computer and says, "Sorry, you're not in the right place for the quest. Here, take this key and go through that door. It'll lead you to the actual quest. If you want to restore a save game (he points towards a kiosk) go to that kiosk. It has a direct link to the data storage room, where the save games are kept. It'll teleport you to whichever saved position you want. (He hands you a gun) Oh, and here's a gun if you want to end it all. Now, if you don't mind, I have to get back to my so-called work. Oh, and here is a sheet with all the Grueslayer pages we've made. Feel free to browse."


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