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The above are just more beliefs. Revised.
BRIEFLY AFTER A LOOK AT YOUR SITE. Religion and insanity go hand and hand; however, the World consciousness would still be insane without religion, even if religion never existed. If one understands the limits of thought-communication it is apparent that the World Consciousness is chaotic. Time, place, circumstance should be an overriding consideration for appropriate action. Normal equals insane, with individuals ranging through extraordinarily so. One main problem is that descriptions in word-language-communication are not understood to be no more than a crude translation of reality, which they are. So we don't start with true or false, right or wrong, we make it up, like right-to-life of abortion advocates. All the words, diagrams, equations etc. do not make a tree. Words depend on and define each other in an enclosed circular system that cannot describe the unknown or reality. Religion is only one facet of overall insanity. Observe without thought to see. Words fall into the category of imagination. So do I know what I am saying? No. The problem for others is are they aware of what they are saying/acting upon? I am not much of a writer/organizer so my volumes of notes may never turn into a book Decades ago was asked to compare my point of view with Wittgenstein, he said too much before getting near the crux of thr matter ,then saying "Don't look, think.", in contrast, what I say." Don't look, see." About forty years ago while visiting thr Lama Foundation, in Taos, NM, believe was founded by Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) there was a gathering of the inhabitants a discussion going on, I made a considerable contribution to the discussion, the leader of the group showed his considerable annoyance,and he asked If I had read Wittgenstein, after my YES he was nnotably quiet. For lack of a better word my talk is from a Zen point of view. Please excuse the typo and the like.

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There is no "God". Or that's what the Atheists think. In fact they worship Athe, the younger sister of Antithe.


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