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Casey Affleck in his natural state.

“After Armageddon, it'll be Casey Affleck's hair that saves us.”
“His voice fools everyone. I'm sure Ben Stein needs uppers to listen to him speak.”
“Casey Affleck is the voice of a generation.”

Casey Affleck is a Bostonian actor, best known for his role as Ben Affleck's brother. Although they both have constructed a convincing story regarding their family background, the hoax is as complex and far-reaching as Neil Armstrong's alleged walk on the moon in 1969. Neil and Casey, who are quite good friends, thought that the "Affleck Phenomenon" would be ideal in distracting America's attention from the obviously fake lunar landing. To this day, most people still believe both fictional stories. This clever ruse has enabled Casey to appear in a great number of films, including To Fin For with this guy named Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix, under the misapprehension that it was Casey who landed on the moon, has been friends with the actor ever since.

*This page is composed of fictional material created by

morganomally and emptycages.

It has nothing at all to do with the real Casey Affleck.

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Code Orange - The current temperature of Casey Affleck is 38.2°C.

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