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Hummana hummana!

A cartoonphile is a person that is strongly sexually attracted to cartoon characters (or just the one who stole your heart, in some cases).

edit Treatment

Treatment for this kind of mental aberration is a difficult topic, indeed. One must consider carefully whether the cartoonphile really needs mental help. After all, toons can be so very hot these days... hot enough to make one want to get an avatar. It's hard to think of a cartoonphile as extremely aberrant, if the strange attractions don't cause problems in other areas of the person's life.

There are typically two possible treatments - get the cartoonphile to see a counselor (Peter Venkman might do, since he has a PhD in Psychology), or get the person an avatar so that the fantasy can be fulfilled after all.

edit For and Against Cartoonphilism

In Favor of Lusting for Toons

Who can blame a cartoonphile for certain attractions? A guy or a lesbian attracted to Alice (as in Alice in Wonderland) isn't too far off the usual brain patterns - unless the person is too old for her, in which case he or she is a pedophile like Lewis Caroll. What if that person is a cartoonist? Then maybe it's just working overtime.

In and of itself, it's harmless.

Against Lusting for Toons

The object of desire is not real. It shouldn't be arousing in any way. Though images of people made in Photoshop aren't real either and neither is wearing makeup, but consumers still want to believe.

One might as well try to have sex with a statue.

edit Incidence

The prevalence of cartoonphilism is not known. It's very difficult to find out whether a person has feelings for toons, especially if the condition is mild. Still, it's fair to say that lots of computer gamers have the highly physically debilitating affliction.

edit Dangers of Cartoonphilism

Although typically as safe as sex fantasies ever get, cartoonphilism is not without its perils. The worst is that the toon feels used and seeks revenge (if the encounter were non-consensual), or the toon may fall in love and act like a little lost puppy toward the cartoonphile. This can happen within online computer games, where not every toon is computer-controlled. Even those that are computer-controlled can become a pain in this way, if they are programmed to do so.

edit Spotting a cartoonphile

The difficulty of catching on that someone is a cartoonphile is highly variable, and largely depends upon how skillfully the cartoonphile hides the alternative sexual orientation. In any case, a cartoonphile will very frequently watch cartoons, unless this behavior has been modified through conversion therapy. If change does occur, it's usually by way of switching to modern computer games with toons, or by dating voice actresses, cartoonists and ventriloquists.

One way to find out whether a person is a cartoonphile is by direct clinical observation or by asking their internet service provider.

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