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Click the image to spot the footprints, they're hard to see otherwise

Carbon Footprint is full of bullshit. It is also the way Sherlock Holmes can so masterfully trace a murderer made entirely of carbon. The existence of carbon footprints is all thanks to a drastic increase in carbon emissions caused by; an increase in the amount of effigies of Channel 4 executives burned, people in Scotland, Ireland, Wales smoking outside (before it went into people's lungs but now it is going to the ozone layer)and a sudden increase in the amount of hot air put out by political figures the main culprits being Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party and the lovable Dick Dastardly of politics, David Cameron.

edit What is the government doing

Well they're talking. In a planning team. About setting up a planning team. To talk about organizing a parliamentary debate about it.

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