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Caramon is a fictional character from the novel series "DragonLance", which consists of 15000 books.

Caramon is the twin brother of Raistlin Majere. In fact, he does almost nothing without his brother, even go to the W.C.!!!

edit Early Life

Caramon Majere and his twin brother, Raistlin Majere, were born in the village of Solace, whitc was built in the lake Crystalmir. Caramon was the strongest of the two, but Raistlin was the cleverest, cappable of understanding Oscar Wilde 's quotes.

Caramon was always keen on..eating. He always ate all his food, and Raistlin's food as well, making his brother despice him.

The twins' parents died when they were 16: their dad died when a vase fell on his head. Their mom died of deep depress.

Caramon and Raistlin met Flint Fireforge, an old dwarf who was a kender terminator. Flint adopts them.

When Caramon becomes 20, he helps Raistlin to take revange from the widow who threw the vase to their father's head by throwing a vase on her head!

When he is 21, he accompanies his brother to take the Finnal Exams at school, but, mistakenly, they end up in the Wayreth forest, were the wizard's conclaive of the wizards of the coast was running the tests for the wizards. The twins take the test. Caramon passes with an A+ and Raistlin fails with the horrible grade Z-, but because of a burreaucratic mistake, the grades are confused. So, Raistlin becomes a wizard, while Caramon ends up being a simple warrior.

After that they join the Army of Superheroes of Marvel comics, but 5 years latter they quit, because of an arguement with Miss America

edit Dragons of Autumn Spotlight

Caramon and Raistlin return to Solace just in time for the annual festival for Hallowin, but when they meet Flint and their friends (Sturm, Tanis, Tass) and two citizens dressed as barbarians, they have to escape from Sturm's mum, who is dressed like a Hobgoblin.

During the book, Caramon flirts with a redhead waitress who whishes to become a boxer while he and his friends are trying to save the wotld.

At one point he is also getting dressed like a girl, wearing his brother's rhobe and using his ink as eyeliner(!!!) in order to fullfill the plan of Tanis One Quarter and a Seventh-Elf to persuade the enemy army to set them free by flirting them.

edit Dragons of MidWinter Night Dream

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