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Captain Ultra

Captain Ultra has a very negative attitude and a very low IQ

PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceFantastic Four #177
Created byRoy Thomas

George Pérez

Joe Sinnott

Real nameGriffin Gogol
StatusSingle and ready to mingle
AffiliationsCircus Redickuless
Previous affiliationsPlumbers Gulid
Notable aliases"Bubo the Clown,"
Notable relativesUnknown parents
Notable powersAdept at creating balloon animals.
“He's a clown alright and and I hope he burns in hell.”
~ Bozo the Clown on Captain Ultra
“I stabbed a clown in the face once.”
~ Captain Violence on Clowns

Captain Ultra was created by Roy Thomas, George Pérez and Joe Sinnot to show children that clowns aren't all bad. The trio thought that clowns get a bad reputation with all the clown horror films and books, so they decided to make Captain Ultra. Underneath his suit and make up is the baggy costume, a whitened face, ugly red lips and an odd little tuft of hair.

edit Early life

When Griffin Gogol was born, he was an ugly little shit. His parents didn't love him enough to keep him around and dumped him at the nearest orphanage. The lady who ran the orphanage took him in and looked after him till he was sixteen. As soon as his birthday was over they they kicked him out with nothing but his clothes.

Griffin hadn't done well at school due to the fact he had spent most of his time trying to track down his parents. However, Gogel did little bits of work as a comedian, waiter and electrician before eventually finding his way in life and became a plumber. Gogol had just fixed an elderly psychologist's sink, but the old man claimed he couldn't afford to pay Griffin's fee. The psychologist offered to cure Gogol's heroin habit via hypnosis instead, and the plumber agreed; however, as Gogol later discovered, the psychologist was secretly an extraterrestrial, and the hypnosis unlocked Gogol's superhuman potential.

edit Superhuman Potentail

Suddenly, Gogel realised he was quite good at creating ballon animals, juggling and was a master of walking on stilts. However all the talents came at a price. He had a severe case of pyrophobia (fear of fire) and always fainted at the sight of a lit match or even images of flames.

Gogel realised that he could become a superhero and named himself "Captain Ultra." However Ultra quickly understood he couldn't take down any villians on his own any decided he needed to join a group.


Captain Ultra hates fire. He hates this man and all his family and will juggle them to death.

Gogel then saw an advert in a newspaper for Circus Redickuless. He liked the sound of working alongside "The Freezing Vomiteer","Chicken John" and "Tall Pall" When he auditioned they loved his skills and signed him up. They re-named him "Bubo the Clown" he quickly became the main attraction. However, Bubo started to wonder if they were ever going to take down some bad guys and started to doubt whether Circus Redickuless was an actual superhero group.

edit The Fantastic Four and Circus Redickuless

One night Gogel sees The Fantastic Four battling a villian. Ultra changes into his costume and hurrys over to find that the four have managed to capture the villian. He introduces himself and asks whether he can join the group. They point out that its "The Fantastic Four" not the Fantastic Five.

Captain Ultra walks back to the circus and tells "The Freezing Vomiteer","Chicken John" and "Tall Pall" about what happened.

Chicken John, one of the Circus Redickuless.

Then the others confess that they are superheros as well. "The Freezing Vomiteer" can freeze his vomit, "Chicken John" can turn into a chicken and "Tall Pall" can control his height.

The four decide to keep the name Circus Redickuless and to forever battle evil.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Captain Ultra.

edit Filmography

  • Circus Redickuless (2009)
  • Dead Clowns (2004)
  • The Clown at Midnight (1999)
  • Shakes the Clown (1991)
  • Clownhouse (1989)
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
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