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~ Billy Mays on Caps Locks

The Caps Lock is a type of a lock, which may[1] be used to protect one's privacy from pirates and cyberpirates. It became popular because of its efficiency and the simplicity of its use.

Uses and impact

To protect one's house against pirates, one can put a Caps Lock on his door, instead of any 'normal' lock. This will reduce the possibility of anyone entering the house in future to 0%.

When using a computer, in order to make sure that unwanted individuals do not get to one's photo gallery and/or web history, one can use his Caps Lock button (that one has to purchase separately from his keyobard) to change his keyboard language to a very rarely used dialect, which nobody is able to comprehend.

It is also possible to use Caps Lock in the opposite way: in case the password a user types is wrong, he can turn his Caps Lock on and it will turn that password right.

Due to the Caps Lock's popularity, PCs have become less and handguns - more popular and the number of suicides has become greater as well as the price for consulting a psychologist. After that, the governments have noticed that "one button, in a very short term, has accomplished something that we [governments] could not achieve in centuries". To glorify this, the Caps Lock day is celebrated twice a year[2].


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