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The main characters of "Camp Lazlo". Note their status as "cute li'l forest animals.

Camp Lazlo is an '00s American animated television series that ran on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2008. It was created by Joe Murray, creator of Rocko's Modern Life.

In the show, it is, ironically, not a camp. Camp Kidney is the name of the camp that Lazlo attends. There is no Camp Lazlo, making the naming of the show ridiculous indeed. The camp itself is also ridiculously named, seeing as there isn't one kidney in the entire camp. This excludes kidneys which reside in the bodies of the cartoon animals which attend the camp, of course. Inside their bodies, I'm pretty sure that there are kidneys.

edit Characters

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Camp Lazlo.
  • Lazlo (Carlos Alazraqui) – Lazlo is a monkey that has a banana for a mouth. This ironically contradicts his status as a monkey, which seemingly should be dictating him to eat said banana. Alas, he cannot eat his own mouth, and this anguish adds a touch of realism to the show. In the series finale, he visits a favela (PT) in São Paulo, Brazil, his city of birth, thinking that it would be filled with cute forest animals, and therefore as cozy and joyful as the camp he attended. Armed teenagers quickly put an end to this erroneous belief.
  • Raj (Suraj Sharma) – An elephant who speaks with a thick Indian accent. Raj moved to the United States because he is a dalit (untouchable) in India and will never hook up with any hot girls over there. He works at the camp's convenience store, a clear example of the writers' originality and racial tolerance.
  • Clam (Douglas Osowski) – Half-clam, half-rhinoceros, Clam's character lacks the brain matter to speak very much; originally the creators didn't want Clam to have any brain matter to speak, so if bees stung Clam he couldn't tell Nurse Leslie that he needed an Epipen. That means that Clam would get anaphylactic shock and die. Cartoon Network forced the creators to give him enough brain matter to speak a little. So, he gets few lines, and winds up appearing "reserved".

edit History

In 1972, a young Joe Murray was sent to the "wackiest" camp he'd ever seen. This camp was, apparently, run and attended by cute little forest animals, because when he created a TV show about it 35 years later, that was how the camp in the show was. The name of the show is actually a clever acronym devised by the writers. L.A.Z.L.O. actually stands for Love And...well, nothing starts with Z, but what the acronym is isn't really important. What's important is that there is, in fact, an acronym.

The show airs on Cartoon Network, because they've gone way downhill and were hoping that maybe if they accepted enough shows, they'd get lucky and one or two might be good. Unfortunately this was not the case, and Cartoon Network's "target demographic" dropped even further, to include 6-8 year-olds.

edit Reception

Being such a minor show, Camp Lazlo has received absolutely no acclaim, either positive or negative. Perhaps this is for the best.

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