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“Look. I'm in the movie.”
~ Oscar Wilde on cameos

Cameo (Latin: cameō, meaning "I carve") is the action of an actor or an actress who steals the negatives from a video's filming before they are developed and engraves their own image on them, so as to make it appear that they were part of the motion picture.

edit History of Cameos

The inventor of the cameo is Alfred Hitchcock (Latin: Alfredus Hichococcus). He invented the cameo because he was of the opinion that all directors should have an opportunity to be in their own movies. Soon, actors who had vendettas against certain others in Hollywood decuded that they would include themselves and their ugly mugs.

edit Contemporary Cameos

The German-Norwegian sci-fi drama Fringe (German: Der Frinkusche Scientim und Criminishe Scientima ; Norwegian: Frinkisk Scientet og Kriminalisk Scientet) features a character called The Observer, who has a cameo in every episode of the first season, in the manner of Alfred Hitchcock. This pattern of actors copying others style of cameos is called Cameöt in modusit.

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