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For ThoseObsessed withSoCalledExperts, WikiPedia hasAnArticle about: CamelCase.

CamelCase cameInto existenceWhen RubyOcaml, an entryLevel codeMonkey, buggeredUp her keyBoard byEating Doritos™ while tryingTo codeA recursiveDrillDownAlgorithm. TheBloody capsKey keptSticking, and halfHerVariables hadNoSpaces and CapsInFunnyPlaces.

Her anonymousCoding was suchAKludge that otherProgrammers in theCompany thought itMustHaveBeen theWorkOf HighLevelManagement. In a splendidDisplay of SynchronizedButtKissing theyAll beganUsing theSameConvention in theirOwnCode.

AndTheRest, asTheySay, isHistory.

WikiPedia UsEd toHave CamelCase, EvenAfter TheY FiXeDIt.

edit CorrectCamelCase

WhenWriting CamelCase, rememberToUse lowerCamelCase forThe wordsNotStarting theSentence.

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