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This article is about the musician. For the Lebanese chain-wagger, see Caleb Followill (Chain Wagging).


Despite all of his disadvantages he was born with, Caleb tries his best.

Caleb Barfalameu Followill (born May 21, 1987) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and raspy clap dance enthusiast. He is the lead singer of Nashville-based rock band Kings of Leon. Followill is 2nd in line to the throne of the western african province Sierra Leone behind his brother King Nathan the Frist, and ahead of his younger brother: Jared the Gay.

edit Early life


Heavily disabled Prince Matt's attention is drawn offstage by what he swears was a "Dragon" in the crowd.

Caleb, the middle of three children, was born on May 21, 1987, in Kenema,Sierra Leone, to Queen Pipi and King Terry Followill. His older sibling Nathan the Frist inherited the crown after King Terry defected the family to Tallahina, Oklahoma. Caleb was born with extreme defects (common amongst royal bloodlines) including alcoholism, strange hair, and raspy voice. At the age of 13 Caleb was named "Duke of Kenema" and was wed to an Ethiopian princess under the decree of his brother King Nathan. The mixing of these two very closely related gene pools led to an abomination known as "Matthew Followill" who was actually both the son, and cousin of Caleb. When the rock group was formed, Matthew was named lead guitarist, and could often be seen drooling on stage with no coherent thought whatsoever.

edit Career

Kings of Leon (2002-present) Tired of the ins and outs of royal life in Africa, the three royal brothers, King Nathan the Frist, Caleb Duke of Kenema and Jared the Gay, along with Prince Matt the Silly Boy decided to put their god-given musical talents to the test and head to America. After many a taught battle Caleb was named lead singer of the band because his talents and "cutsie boy looks." Together Caleb and the band put out some of there best songs based on life experiences they all shared, including smash hits Trani Dusty and Joe Gives Head.

It wasn't until 2006 that Caleb reached the paramount of fame with the arrival of their album Only by The Night. Though Caleb received most of the praise (being the frontman) it was actually the simple mind of Matt who developed such eager song track as Sex On Fire and Be Somebody(he actually stole the tagline from his Special Olympics t-shirt. The band had a great album in the works, but it wasn't until Caleb got his hand caught in a pop tart box and shrieked out "You know that I could use Som-bod-ay!" that the band found their headliner hit. Since 2006 the Caleb and the Kings of Leon have traveled over 13 states and accrued a fortune of over $700 of dollars.

edit Personal Life

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