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Blue check This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

Stop hand
Stop hand
STOP! You are attempting to edit a page that has been recently deleted by an administrator for violating one or more of Uncyclopedia's policies.

Editing the page causes it to be re-created, and thus forcing the administrators to constantly restore it to its deleted state. To curb this problem, the page has been redirected here temporarily before it is removed permanently. Please cease from editing it immediately.

Do you have an idea for this page?

If you think you might actually a good idea for this article, but it is locked/protected, it is possible to create it still.

  1. Create your rewrite as a subpage of your userspace first (e.g. at User:<insert name here>/page name)
  2. Contact an admin (check to see if they're active first) and let them know about the rewrite
  3. If it's good enough, the admin will unprotect the page, and you can move your copy in there.
  • Don't do this with a version of the article that has already been deleted before - it will not be moved back, as it was deleted for a reason in the first place.

To admins

Change a constantly recreated page to redirect to [[Uncyclopedia:CRP]] -- this should give the re-creator an edit conflict and get their attention. Do not protect the redirect, as it can and will be huffed later; this is meant as a soft version of CVP. If the re-creator ignores this message and removes or changes the redirect, treat it as a vandalism

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