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Burj Dubai spire

Burj Khalifa
Imagine a big
tower. A really
really   really
big tower that
has little towers
growing out of it
Just the size of...
the size of God's
feet. How on Earth can you
compete with that?   It just
doesn't make sense, man!!!
Luckily, the men at our great
country site have taken the
liberty of pointing out just how
this tower came into being and
what will happen to it in the
near future.   Read on,  sir

Burj Dubai left 1       Heights       Burj Dubai right 1

Burj Khalifa is now officially the tallest
man-made building on the planet, with up
to 800 meters of pure concrete and glass.
This modern-day miracle has been proven
possible by the company in charge of the
project. The tower is a landmark in Dubai and
the biggest known building in the world. The
concrete and glass put into the creation of the
Burj Khalifa are the best bits of concrete on
the planet. The glass looks nice, too. But let us
end this discussion with one word:   tallnescity.

Burj Dubai left 1Burj Dubai left 2               Birth               Burj Dubai right 2Burj Dubai right 1

The Burj Khalifa was at first the brainchild of Mygor Le
Marchall, a poor Hindu-Israeli from Michigan, who was born in
Ontario, Germany. This man had no future, until he finally took a
huge loan from the local bank and invested it on the creation of
the Burj Khalifa, to be known as the tallest building on the planet.
Thankfully, this man did not bother with details. He just started it
in early 2006, and hoped to have it finished by noon the next day.

Burj Dubai left 1Burj Dubai left 2Burj Dubai left 2                       Usage                       Burj Dubai right 2Burj Dubai right 2Burj Dubai right 1

The tower of Dubai will be used for commercial and residential offices, mainly located in the bottom
floors. The higher parts are for high-paying millionaires who love to see the sights of overweight
Emiratians waste their lives in a gigantic pile of concrete and sweat, only investing, not actually
working. The poor thing about this fact is that nobody would bother, no matter how rich, and risk their life

Burj Dubai left 3                             Reached Lobby Floor                             Burj Dubai right 3

You have reached the bottom floor. Below you are the See Also Center or SAC as it is more commonly known,
and the basement, for keeping pickles. We should talk again sometime. Thank you for using Burj Khalifa Elevator services.

See also

The basement floor

Oh, what is this? Pickles? I did not ask for pickles! Put those back where they belong, you fool! Shut the door, I've got the heating on in here!

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