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Guy In Gumby Shirt

Buddy Cianci back in the day, before being twice convicted of felonies - both times while serving as Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, and who, by the grace of a loving diety, will finally throw away that shirt!

“I don't know, he seemed all right to me”
~ Lincoln Chafee on Buddy Cianci

Who the hell is Buddy Cianci? I was moving my mouse, which is somehow stuck in hover mode, to the schroll down bar and this popped up. This has happened several times now, not with Buddy Cianci but other pages drop in. I've tried to get help fixing the hover feature (stupidist feature ever put onto a computer) and people say it's in my Ease section in my control box. I don't have an Ease section or anything close to it. Buddy Cianci can help with that, for he is a diety.

It is a new feature of this wiki. Just leave your pointer somewhere on the screen, and we will open a nonexistent article and try to goad you into writing it. Buddy Cianci is a politician (and convict) from Providence, Rhode Island, who twice had a term as mayor interrupted by a felony verdict, most recently for racketeering in office. He eminently deserves his own article in a humor wiki. Now, what the hell is a "diety"?
You know what? It's fun having the wiki to ourselves. Should we write this page, maybe keeping the first paragaph intact? al
I don't know. Cianci fascinates people as far away as Boston, where they take intense interest in both politicians and mobsters, especially when they can tell them apart. For everyone else, this will just be a page on a past mayor of a secondary city in one of America's many regions.