In 2012, Buckethead took a trip to 8-bit-land. It was a journey to find the Pick of Destiny, which would make his music sound great, once again.

Notable Instruments Pick of Accuracy +2, Anything with strings, Anything that makes noise, Anything that moves
Achievements 167% Dragonforce on Expert
“I chose him because I love KFC!”
~ Axl Rose on Buckethead
“Buckethead is a better guitarist than me, Slash, and Jesus combined.”
~ Dave Mustaine on Buckethead
“This guy fucking sucks!”
~ Slash on Buckethead

Buckethead is the leader, founding figure, and messiah of the religion of Bucketheadism. According to the religion, he has supernatural powers of guitar-based combat granted to him by the spirits of fallen chickens which he channels through a religious artifact known as a Kei-Eph-See Ch'kenn Buk'kaht (pronounced: KAE EHFF SEE chi-KEHN boo-KAHT). The only requirement for Bucketheadism is to never eat chicken (after all, you are what you eat). He has spent, is spending, and will continue to spend all of eternity defending the world and the heavenly realm of Bucketheadland from malicious and destructive robots built by the evil overlord RIAA, a Satan-esque figure. When Buckethead gets angry, he turns into a super mutant and destroys shitty bands.

Origin and Early LifeEdit

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Buckethead wielding a guitar and wearing the sacred Ch'Kenn Buk'kaht, which consists of a white mask and a red-and-white bucket.

Buckethead was constructed as a human-sized android with the power to transform into a 50-foot-tall giant robot by Colonel Sanders, who was both desperate for companionship, as he had no friends, and a devout fan of anime. The Colonel taught him to love the taste of chicken meat, feeding him on nothing but it from a very early age, and gave Buckethead his first guitar, a soapbox the Colonel made himself, after he showed interest in the instrument at the age of seven. Buckethead began releasing at least 12 albums each year in 30-minute intervals. There is also a myth, that Buckethead really a guy named Adolf from E-Stonia.

Eventually, the Colonel died, and bequeathed Buckethead to a family of farmers, thinking they would treat him well. However, they had long held secret contempt for the Colonel due to his competition with them for chicken sales, and after his death they maltreated Buckethead severely. Despite his non-mecha height of seven feet, he was kept in a tiny chicken coop among chickens and fed only the skin of his dead chicken friends. It was here that he first developed his affinity for chickens, as they became his only friends, and though he continued to eat them he began protecting living chickens from harm at all costs. It was also here that he first discovered his mecha powers, which had previously lain dormant, after viewing a showing of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot at a next-door drive-in theatre through a hole in the wall of his coop.

Shortly after discovering these powers, he used them to raze the farm to the ground and escape. Confused, frightened, and full of rage, he fled to a graveyard he had snuck into a few times to play his soapbox guitar in peace. Upon arriving, he found the legendary Ch'kenn Buk'kaht lying in an open grave. Fascinated, he took it from the grave to find its bucket was filled with fried chicken, which he, exhausted from his recent rampage, consumed with vigor. Upon doing so, he was suddenly overtaken with an urge to place the artefact on his head, and immediately felt as if all the spirits of all the dead chickens killed unjustly and in vain were speaking to him through his fingers. He seized his guitar, and played until he fell into the grave, unconscious.

Recent EventsEdit


Buckethead, shortly before auditioning for the role of "Blank Faced Female Lead" in Twilight.

In the 21st Century, Buckethead created a custom Les Paul by himself in this coop at Bucketheadland, Filled with the Deadly Sonic Arts, Gargantuan Robots, Disneyland, and Headcheese. Now he is quite Invincible.

In 2101, Jesus became aggravated with Buckethead for encroaching on what he saw as his personal messiah-based turf. He eventually sued Buckethead, resulting in the famous case Buckethead vs. Jesus. This case eventually went to the Supreme Court, who ruled that Jesus and Buckethead should engage in mortal kombat to decide the case's victor. After fighting for several weeks, both grew bored and left, though they continue to meet in Jerusalem once a year to do battle in the case that one has become powerful enough to defeat the other. Mohammed has also considered legal action against both Jesus and Buckethead, but has yet to file suit against either of them.

Though Bucketheadland staff denies it, the Bucketheadland ferris wheel recently went berserk and escaped the park, rolling into the Sea of Japan after being sighted by thousands of bystanders and several major news outlets.

Slipdisc's Protomechototobot was the most recent robot to be defeated by Buckethead, and was the first that required utilization of Bucketheadland's special ability to convert itself into a giant robot fifty times larger than Buckethead in his giant robot form.

No one really knows, but Buckethead is a hardcore fan of John Frusciante, who is lame enough to not have his own page on Uncyclopedia.

Buckethead recently defeated Mecha Godzilla in Tokyo. Unfortunately, he decided the victory was the perfect time for a wicked fast guitar solo containing as many notes as pregnancies Paris Hilton has aborted. As we all know, every time he plays a note, the sonic waves cause whole buildings to collapse, streets to buckle and split, and vehicles to fly around like toys. The result was disastrous, catastrophic, sexy, and devastating to the people of Japan. But nobody cares about them, and neither does Buckethead, so he left.

Many people think that Buckethead dose not have a face under his mask but it has been proven by the Children of the truth that Buckethead is indeed really......

Playing StyleEdit

First he starts slow kinda like a turtle sauntering slowly along a tried and true forest trail while birds and butterflies tweet and flutter nearby as mother deer graze in nearby fields while their fawns frolic amongst the wildflowers. Then he puts the pedal to the fucking metal and plays so fast, Speed Racer himself would shit bricks. Fuck Eddie Van Halen's three-finger tapping, this guy uses all eight fingers at once!

Beware of BucketheadEdit

Buckethead has become specially well known for the affects his insanely rapid fire funkadelic demonic songs, according to most reports, during the insanely rapid fire funkadelic demonic songs, most fans have had their noses explode instantly, then Herman Li goes into labour, Buckethead (the greatest guitar god/goddess of all time, yes he has both male and female sexual organs) has become famous for this skill.

Buckethead PikesEdit

Since 2011, Buckethead has been in hiding due to the controversy of "Buckethead Pikes", a series of musical failures. Each Pike includes 30 minutes of brand new music, hastily written by gnomes in a hut off the coast of southeast Malaysia. Pikes are produced and released so frequently that by the time you finish reading this sentence, another Pike is out already. The last Pike, titled "It's Dead", is scheduled to release in year infinity.