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Brookside Close as it appeared on-screen.

Brookside (also known as Brookie (or Brookeh in Scouse)) was an awesome British soap opera that broadcasted on Channel 4 from 1982 till 2003 (didn't it have a good run!). The series was best known for awesome storylines and making crappy Scouse actors look like Hollywood superstars overnight.

The soap centered around the residents of Brookside Close, a crappy cul-de-sac located in the leafy suburbs of the beautiful romantic city of Liverpool. Legendary characters that appeared in Brookie include Bobby, Barry, Jimmy, Ron, Sinbad, Trevor, Beth, Terry, Tinhead, Emily and many more! Even Lily Savage and Carol Smillie made cameos too!

edit Main storylines

edit "That patio body"

One of Brookie's amazing storylines occurred in 1993, when "Trevor" was accidently knocked into a hole of shite in the garden and was left to die. His wife Mandy had no choice but to stick a couple of cheap patio slaps (that she stole from Homebase) and covered over the hole of shite. His body was later discovered two years later, but as they were about to lift the body out of the shite, the body disappeared. Today, some say that they have seen Trevor alive and well in RTÉ soap, Fair City.


Emily from Brookside. Really!!

edit "That lesbian kiss"

Another amazing storyline occurred when "Beth" was involved in a infamous kiss with a hot ginger Scouse chick in 1994, which must have felt sooooo goooddd!!!! At the time, this would have been a first on TV (since people were that retarded not to broadcast it in the first place). Unfortunate, Beth died from having too much lesbian sex off-screen. However, she is claimed to have been spotted alive and well in Hollywood movies along side Will Ferrell.

edit "That final episode"

Sadly in 2003, the amazing soap that was Brookside was axed to death by the Cockney bastards of Channel 4. The final episode featured the residents doing a runner to keep away taxmen. Unfortunately, "Jimmy" could not go anywhere, as one of the residents stole the wheels off his car (a common tradition in Liverpool). So as a result, Jimmy took out a stolen marker and put a fat D on the Brookside Close sign to say "Brookside Closed". Jimmy had no way of getting out and away from the taxman, so he decided to steal a shite car and drove into the shite sunset.

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