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The Uber
Republic of Breim
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
official language Breimish. (Only a tribe of 500 people is still speaking this language)
Location Norway thinks that Breim is located in Norway. But its not. Breim is a own country west of Denmark.
Capital Esso
National anthem That is so rusje.
Always been independent.
Population 2000
National vehicle Trucks.
Exports Milk, Cheese, Youghurt, Tobacco and stupid techno songs.
Ethnic composition Farmers 90.9 %
Country people 60.3 %
Fags 30%
Black Metall people 24.4 %
Training people 20.8 %
People that got absolutaly nothing to do 40.23 %
Special ability Breimians can drink booze like water.
National Sport The national sport of Breim is drinking competitions. The rules are to drink as much as you can as fast as you can. The last man standing wins .... nothing except maybe a little respect.
“The orange one fuck you up real... What! This isn't Kitten Huffing! Oh right, Breim, don't fucking remind me of Breim!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Breim
“In Breim there are more sheeps than people. And if the sheeps wanted to, they could take over Breim with a massive retailiation.”
~ A Breimian
“Breim is probably the coolest place in the world.”
~ Another Breimian

Breim was founded for 2500 years ago by a guy with only one dream and a bag of beans. Now Breim is known for many reasons.

The population in Breim is mainly divided by two. The metal guys and fags. The metal guys listen to heavy metal etc, and wear black and are long haired. The fags are a bunch 20 year old guys in pink t-shirts who use a large amount of snus. They use to drive around Breim in their super non-fancy cars and hit on 14-16 year old chicks. There is also many country freaks in Breim (dah). Those are people in cowboy hats who refuse to buy cars and ride horses instead while singing sick country songs about their whiskey and mother. Enough about them. Breim is also known for the biggest milk product factory in Norway.

People that live in Breim is called Breimians.

A Breimian prefers to spend every minute every second of its life by drinking. They drink as often as they can.

Even tho Breimians wear black and listen to heavy they are good people with a big heart. But take my advice, if you live in a big city...and you visit Breim you will die of boredom. But if you want to come here anyway you can choose between two camping places. In Reed or Byrkjelo. (Pick the Byrkjelo one and you will meet cool people)

The most fameous building in Breim is the Esso Station. Everything happens in the Esso Station. The fags are in one corner with their non-fancy cars and techno while the heavy metall people are in another and just....being cool.

There is a lot of people training in Breim. And a lot people just slacking. But the training people usually hang out in the second most fameous building - Stadion Bygget. In there you can do almost everything. Lift weights, run around like a mad chicken, play football and other useless ball sports and even play Guitar Hero!!! The Stadion-Bygget rocks for most of the Breimians.

And then we got the farmers. Those are the people who dont sleep or eat. Only do hard work so the comunity can survive thanks to them. There are a lot of farmers in Breim.


Beautiful, beautiful Breim.


Rundballer (roundballs) are probably worth more than both you and me in Breim.

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