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An advanced case of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a common disease caused by modern mobile phone use, most likely as a result of excessive levels of stray radiation emanating from handsets within one's personal area.


Invention Edit


Currently registered Bluetooth logo. OBEY

The Bluetooth system was invented by the Danish Viking King Harold Bluetooth in 970, but the lack of computers etc. make the Bluetooth fail, and it was buried with the king in the Roskilde Cathedral in 986, in the mid 80' the king was to be found, and Danish scientists evolved the Bluetooth system as we know it today.

Origins Edit

The disease was named after Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark (Circa. 958-970) who was famous for inventing the mobile phone, using wood chippings and English peasants. Of course, the use of his 'blueberry' as he called it led to being branded with this timeless title. It also explains why 5 in every 6 children in Denmark are born with mulatos in the womb.