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“They've fucked more youngsters than me, and mine's like a Black and Decker, son.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Blue

Blue was a successful English boy band similar to boybands such as A12 consisting of four members: Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Antony Costa and Simon Webbe. Together the band sold 3 records and had to give a remaining 42 away to angry mobs. Currently all the members of the band have gone to pursue sexual careers, except Costa, who is used to prop up a wobbly table.

edit History

Blue are more well known for their social antics and intelligence, than their music. Whether it's speeding down highways drunk, or public threesomes in clubs, ditching pregnant girlfriends and humiliating them on TV, or channelling the ghost of Marilyn Munroe. Blue have entertained us all with their clever wit and social awareness.

Lee is apparently the most newsworthy of the band. He had a famous run-in with the police for drink driving, has had a string of high profile affairs and caused outrage when he said the September 11th attacks in New York were not important when there are elephants dying in Africa.

edit All rise

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The band released their debut single "All rise" in May 2001 and it reached number 444 in the UK singles chart. Blue followed this in August with the chart-topping "Too Close", a cover version of Next's US No. 1 hit. Their second number four-hundred and forty four came in November with "If You Come Back". All three singles featured on debut album All Cry, which was released in time for Christmas and reached number sixty one, eventually selling in excess of 11 copies. Blue reached number six in March 2002 with their fourth single, "Lets Get High" - a remix of album track "Lets Get High With Kyle's Mom". The album was #30,111 in Portugal.

edit One Love

The band released a new single and album, in the summer of 2002, both called One Love which was the highest selling Blue album, selling more than 12 copies. Their next single, which also reached number 444 on the British Top 445, was a duet with Elton John entitled "Sorry Seems to be the Dumbest Word", a cover version of one of John's songs. This track was number 443 in Europe for 1 minute.

edit Guilty, Until Proven Innocent

Guilty, Until Proven Innocent (the album and the single) was released in the fall of 2003. The next singles were "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" (sung with Stevie Wonder and Angie Stone), "Breathe Easy", and "Bubblin'". The album Guilty sold 10 copies. Guilty, Until Proven Innocent is considered the best album of the band.

edit Worst of Blue

The band decided to split after Elton John suggested that their popularity was decreasing and that they should concentrate on their solo careers. Band member Simon Webbe blamed Sir Elton John for the split, insisting the flamboyant singer told the band to quit before their careers went stale.

They did so after releasing their Best Of Blue...seriously, this is the best we can do greatest hits compilation in 2004, which contained a few new tracks such as "Curtain Falls", "Get Down On It" and "Only Words I Know". The album which was renamed by many as Worst Of Blue sold 3 copies. The album went to #2222 in Portugal with 2 platinum. Both of singles, "Curtain Falls" and "Get Down On It" went #1211 in Portugal for more than a week.

They ended their 'Best of Blue' tour at a sell out concert at Wembley arena last month, and bid a teary farewell to all 20 of their fans. It wasn't much of a farewell, as their fans have formed an online cult and stalk the individual members (well only the two blonde pretty ones) and continue to show their unnatural dedication due to a fungal brain disease.

edit Solo Flops

Blue had sold 36 albums. Now all four members have since released solo singles. Duncan released "I Believe My Heart" with Keedie in October 2004, reaching #112 in the UK Singles Chart and his solo album was released on 2006 reaching #155 in the UK, selling more than 38 copies (More than any of Blues album sales put together). Lee released "Army Of Lovers" in July 2005, reaching #311 and a self-titled solo album in August 2005 reaching #61826. Simon released "Lay Your Hands" in August 2005, reaching #445, and his debut album reached #221 UK Album Chart, selling over 71 copies. Antony has released some new material but with less success in the UK Charts, with his debut album, Ass Full Of Shit.

After Duncan (who remains a fat, dance-cunt) and Antony's failure in their respective careers, they are planning to come back as a band along with Lee, Simon, to become again as Blue.

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