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elves are also very well known for their poetry, enchanting, and res'ing u bastys when ur mouth is bigger than ur sword. They're somewhat related to the species, Hylian (Hylius Boius) that's only found in WOW by cheating to go to Cinnabar Island and swimming up and down until you find one. Wait... Oh Fuck, that's Missingno.


Selama ashal'anore. - "Justice for our people."

Zat'sa ammore. - "Let's copulate and then order a pizza."

Sunkist - Popular fizzy drink.

Anaria Shola - Fuck the Alliance. Ann'da - Father (or mother).

Shorel'aran! - "Get the hell out of my sight!" (Popular farewell in Quel'thalass")

L'oriel - "You're worth it"

Anu belore del'ana - the sound they make when they are pissed.

Garnier - Take Care

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