Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) is a Japanese manga which was adapted into an Anime series, loosely based on the manga.

Black Butler follows the young Earl Ciel Phantomhive as well as his demon butler (who surprisingly isn't actually black despite the name) Sebastian Michaelis who is known for his sexy charm and ability to do basically everything because 'what kind of butler would he be if he couldn't?'

Black Butler

"Come on into the Phantomhive Manor! We won't rape you!"


Ciel Phantomhive is 13 years old, whose parents were killed when their mansion was burned down in a fire which was lit in order to murder his parents. Ciel was captured by a cult who tortured, humiliated and possibly raped him, but he made a deal with Sebastian so that he would be his Butler and protect him until he sought revenge on the cult and in exchange Sebastian would eat his soul. His eye was turned into some sort of communication device to order around Sebastian so Ciel wears an eye patch to cover it up.

Ciel is also the 'queens watch dog' aka.'Does the queen's dirty work because she's the queen and like she's going to get her hands dirty!' Even though the queen has an entire army by her side, she still decides to make a 13 year old boy do her jobs for her such as meddle in police investigations and almost get himself killed only to be saved just in time by his dashingly handsome butler, because hey, why not?

Life in the Phantomhive ManorEdit

Apart from Sebastian and Ciel living in that big-ass manor there are also Ciel's good for nothing servants: Finnian, Bardroy and Mey-Rin who are constantly destroying precious objects, food, the mansion, furniture,as well as every other item in the mansion. A normal noble would've fired these 3 disastrous servants with the first hole in the wall they caused but because it's the Phantomhive Manor, why not. Apart from the 3 servants there is also Tanaka who never speaks and is so old that he shrinks every time he gets exhausted, which is all the time. In fact, the only thing he really does is drink tea.


Sebastian, Ciel and the servants of the Phantomhive Manor

Sebastian does everything for Ciel: waking up him, dressing him in his clothes, cooking for him when Bard is too busy burning the kitchen with his flame thrower, cleaning the entire mansion in roughly 1.21 seconds, bathing him, taking him around everywhere, saving him from being kidnapped, saving him from falling off high places, saving him from potential rape, and saving him from basically everything.

Many of Ciel's 'friends' like to invite themselves over to which Ciel is very grateful, so much so that he results to having "secret sexy butler time" with Sebastian. Ciel's fiance 'Elizabeth', who is also quite possibly the most annoying character in the series, is always dropping by and hosting unwanted balls at the Phantomhive Manor as well as completely re-docorating Ciel's precious and well coordinated furniture into pink 'kawaii' fluffiness. She may have also forced Ciel's servants into performing sexual acts with each other whilst forcing them to dress up as her beloved Ciel and his butler, recreating fan-fiction which she very much enjoys reading and writing in her free time.

Sebastian's love life Edit

Sebastian may be a butler but his looks never fail, in fact most of London are in love with him or would at least desire him, including people from the Phamtomhive Manor. Ciel and Sebastian are two of the most shipped characters in the series, despite the age difference of roughly thousands of years old and Ciel being a minor, but never mind that, and especially since Sebastian has seen Ciel naked infinite times. It's no lie to say that Ciel has lay awake at night thinking about how it would feel to have Sebastian by his side, after all he could order him to act his fantasies, and Sebastian would have to do it.

On one occasion whilst Sebastian was bathing Ciel, he stood up in the bath tub completely exposed and began to make out with Sebastian, but Ciel ordered Sebastian to never tell a soul or he would show him a new kind of pain (aka.sadomasochism)

Finnian seems too innocent to ever be thinking dirty thoughts, but he's actually had a crush on Sebastian ever since he was hired as the Phamtomhive gardener and has had various thoughts about Sebastian.

The maid, Mey-Rin, (and only woman?, in the Phantomhive Manor), who surprisingly used to be a badass sniper, gave up her old career after first laying eyes on Sebastian. She constantly can't do a damn thing because she is always having "romantic" (impossible) fantasies about Sebastian. It doesn't help that the first dress she every wore was a maid's uniform...given to her by Sebastian after he recruited her with free room and board. Sebastian once did accidentally fall on top of her and Mey-Rin of course pierced glass with the pitch of her sudden and immense arousal.

Their dog 'Pluto' also has a strange attraction to Sebastian, despite the butler's hatred for dogs.

Apart from Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian's greatest lover would be Grell Sutcliff, the red-headed grim reaper who's utterly in love with the demon. He has confessed his love to Sebastian every time he's seen him, as well as stalked him, taken pictures of him without Sebastian knowing, fangirled over him, pleasured himself whilst thinking of him and attempted to kiss him or top him on a regular basis. Grell gets very upset when Sebastian doesn't appreciate Grell's love for him and lets him know that 'it's no way to treat a woman!'

Second SeasonEdit

In the second season of Black Butler, two new main characters are introduced: Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. Alois Trancy is a bipolar man-slut sadistic perverted brat with issues who has molested Ciel, beaten his maid on a regular basis and is in love with his butler, Claude who does not return the affection.


But the horrible things he does are okay, because he was raped.

Alois Trancy was raped by and old disgusting man and so to cope he imagined that it was actually Claude who was inside him, but that didn't stop him from turning into a delusional prick. His shorts are way too short and underneath his cheery attitude are dark perverted thoughts. He has sneaked inside the Phantomhive manor occasional during the night and watched Ciel and Sebastian engage in sexual acts and wonder why him and his own butler couldn't do that.

Claude and Sebastian have tried to experiment around with each other, since both of them being demon butlers, but Claude cheated on him with Alois's triplet servants in a foursome and so whatever they had quickly ended.

In the second season Alois is determined to make Ciel 'his'. In which ever way one interprets that, it usually always leads into those dark dirty thoughts you wouldn't want your mother to know that you're thinking.


Every anime needs a villain or two, and this anime does, although it depends on which characters one would consider to be villains.

Drossel keinz Man-Doll who kidnaps young girls off the street and turns them into dolls whilst singing his wonderfully composed version of 'London Bridge is falling down' with original lyrics such as 'Sexual acts with my wax dolls'. Drossel even tried to turn Ciel into a doll because even though he was not a young girl, Ciel still intrigued his attention. This obviously did not go down well with Sebastian, and soon Drossel was singing 'Recovering from demon rape'

Angels Ironically, the angels in Black Butler are the bad guys whilst the demons are the good guys, because, why not? Ash Landers and Angela Blanc are two angels who merged together into a freaky male-female person who didn't quite fit into the society norms. The crazy merged angels have tried to kill Ciel, but that also didn't go down well with Sebastian and he ripped the merged-angel into pieces of hermaphrodite dust.

Grim Reapers The grim reapers job is to collect the souls of the fallen and have also attacked Ciel and Sebastian many times, but it's okay because they're good looking. The most well known grim reapers (because no one cares about the rest) are Grell Sutcliff, William T.Spears, the Undertaker and Ronald Knox. All the grim reapers wear glasses because eyesight's a bitch, except the Undertaker because he is retired into preparing the dead bodies and somehow necrophilia is cure for being short-sighted. The grim reapers each have a 'Death Scythe' to reap souls which are all conveniently gardening tools: Grell Sutcliff has a chainsaw, William T.Spears has a stick with a pruner attached and Roland Knox has a lawnmower; because you never know when you're going to come across a badly maintained garden which just needs the touch of a grim reaper.

Of course, there are more villains in Black Butler but if every villain in the anime had to be listed, then basically every character in the anime would be in the list.