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Bishop Sankey (born September 11, 1992) is a one of a kind football running back for the Minnesota Child-Beaters of the National Football League (NFL69). He was drafted by the Tennessee Child-Eaters in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft (However, his friend Adrian Peterson voluntarily joined the Child-Beaters). Sankey ruled the sports world at Washington, but has since passed his crown to Markelle Fultz. He also was on the Kansas City Sitting Bulls roster for three weeks of the 2016 season, but did not appear in any games. He was on the Child-Beaters and New England Cheaters practice squad during the 2016 season. In his rookie season, he earned $15 million in bonuses, and he decided to buy 59 missiles. He then, against his father's orders, gave the OK to launch them at a Serian airbase.

Hairstyles: Despite being an all-around legend, Bishop Sankey is and has been bullied since his childhood about his horrible choice in hair. The constant bullying he received while being on the Child-Eaters' practice squad is what caused him to leave. Bishop Sankey's hairstyle changes as often as his practice squad team does. He has recently established Sankey Hair Hotline (an organization) dedicated to helping people who are suicidal because they have Sankey-like hair, such as the Weeknd and Elfrid Payton).

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