Birmingham Mud Riots of 682 AD

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Actual mud thrown in the Birmingham mud Riots of 682 AD. These artifacts are sold to tourists and historians who visit the site.

The Birmingham Mud Riots of 682 AD are a horrific reminder of what boredom can do to the general populace. Many question as to the lasting effects the events had on the area, although other people maintain that Birmingham was always a shitehole. After the Great Tit Shortage of 1776 it is the most cited in studies on the effect on human populations of traumatic events.

edit Overview

Birmingham 682 AD; after recovering from what became known as the "Boring forest fire of 681", there were furious mud riots caused by an apparent lack of anything worthwhile to do or accomplish. Locals and, indeed, lepers and taxmen, took part in the massive riots which lasted a fairly long stretch of time. The rioters eventually polarized into three differing factions: (pre-Scientologists, very native Americans, and, of course, Midgets). They all believed that they were the peacekeeping force in Birmingham. Since they were of equal mental capacity, the three factions soon stalemated. Eventually, after six years of civil strife, two of the factions joined forces to stamp out the third, although it is unknown to this day which of the three were destroyed. The two remaining groups then turned on each other, being unable to reconcile fundamental differences of opinion on textual interpretation of arcane applied philosophy and how to build a fire in a wooded glen.

edit In-depth Analysis of Cultural and Economic Issues of why the riots occurred

They were bored and poor. Hence, why?:not riot for awhile.

edit Effects on present day politics and current events

Mud banks island

Artists representation.

Not that much, really. They still speak funny and are bored in Birmingham, and Americans, Scientologists and Midgets are still around and sometimes co-mingle.

edit Articles Related to the Birmingham Mud Riots of 682 AD

  • Americans - One of the warring/rioting factions involved.
  • Birmingham - Where it all took place.
  • Midgets - One of the warring/rioting factions involved.
  • Scientology - One of the warring/rioting factions involved.
  • Scunthorpe - Became England's new Chief Economic City after the mud riots.

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