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This article is about the biochemestry. For information on the other lame pseudoscience see biochemistry

Biochemestry (not to be read as biochemistry) is a hypothetical science created only to understand otherwise inexplicable real phenomenons (i.e. it has the same role dark matter occupies in physics). Invented from absolutely no logic at all in the late 1960s by the american hippie movement, biochemestry usually consists of a delicious symbiosis between chemestry (the art of explosions) and biology (the art of having nothing else to care about). As of 2008, thousands of strange facts have been successfully explained thanks to biochemestry excessively strict principles, like monkeys, the famous-but-mostly-used-by-teenagers term aight and dhiarrea.

edit Basic principles


Biochemestry make me super happy!

Like every science except mathematics, biochemestry possesses (that's a lot of s in a single word) some sort of very elementary axioms, which can basically be interpreted like this:

  • If a + b = c, then a + b = c only if a + b = c
  • \sum^{\infty}_{n=1} \frac{B_{2n} (-4)^n (1-4^n)}{(2n)!} x^{2n-1}\quad =  x + \frac{x^3}{3} + \frac{2 x^5}{15} + \cdots\text{ for } |x| < \frac{\pi}{2}\!
  • \frac{1}{z^2 + 1}=-\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)\frac{1}{z-i}-\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)^2-\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)^3(z-i)-\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)^4(z-i)^2-\ldots.
  •  \frac{ az^{-1} \sin(\omega_0) }{ 1-2az^{-1}\cos(\omega_0)+ a^2 z^{-2} } || |z| > |a|\,
  • H(z) = \frac{Y(z)}{X(z)} = \frac{\sum_{q=0}^{M}z^{-q}\beta_{q}}{\sum_{p=0}^{N}z^{-p}\alpha_{p}} = \frac{\beta_0 + z^{-1} \beta_1 + z^{-2} \beta_2 + \cdots + z^{-M} \beta_M}{\alpha_0 + z^{-1} \alpha_1 + z^{-2} \alpha_2 + \cdots + z^{-N} \alpha_N}.\

Additionally, when proving anything known as unprovable using biochemestry, we must not forget the Plato-Marx theorem: to be, or not to be. Taking all this hubbub in consideration, one that wants to solve any of the great mysteries of life is able to achieve it by the bias of biochemestry.

edit Famous problems solved thanks to biochemestry

From the late 1960s up to the beggining of the 2000s, a bunch of then-unsolved cases have been answered using biochemestry clever systems (most of them by hysterical hipsters). These solutions directly lead to an equal number of inventions. Among those, the most popular ones to this day are:

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