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Bill Nye the Science Guy was an article written for the Noob only writing competition 2012!
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Bill Nye after being diagnosed with racism

“Bill Nye was a great entertainer, and will be truly missed”
~ Oscar Wilde, 2008.
“Bill Nye was a guy who did science.”
~ Captin Obvious, 1978.

Bill Nye the Science Guy, or better yet Bill Nye the Racist Guy, is a necrophiliac pedophile who is incredilly nerdy. He worked for Adolf Hitler as his drug dealer, he supplied hitler with kittens for Kitten huffing, but was fired after a illedged claims that he atempted rape on Chuck norrise. His drug dealing career was over as quickly as it started. Bill Nye soon fell into depression, he became absessed with, pornography and small children (not that this part is relivant but who cares!). He got a small part in a pornography called The Wiggles. He was spotted by a talent scout and then offered his own show, which they decided to call Bill Nye the Science Guy, even though he has no idea what any of that shit even means. His show soon became a huge success, but was pulled off the air because it was filled with too much sexual content.

Early life and childhood

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None, he was assembled in a crystal meth factory from spare parts in Canada, during the summer of 1921.

Bill Nye the Science Guy (Tv Show)

the show aired for the first time in 1944 to entertain the Americans as they tryed to invade the moon, but the show was sadly cancled after bill Nye started shoving a pizza up one his guests anus. Some off the experiments on the show included eating stuffed animals (just to see what they tasted like), starting the vietnam war, how many overweight people can sit on a chair before it breaks and KFC. Also on his show he had some famous inventions, some of these included the tooth brush, non stick frying pans, communism, plastic cups, Bondage ropes and Barack Obama.

“This man is a genius, and if he were still alive, we'd already be able to travel through time and space.”

Bill Nye singing/dancing Gangnam Style

List of guests

Middle Ages (1948 AD- 1959 AD)

In these years, he became a well known criminal. His life led to a life of crime of street living, he started to get invovled in illegal Baby Farming. Unknown to most people, he bred glow in the dark humans, by buying uranium ore off of He became famous when he made Elvis turn invisible, but this incident was soon forgotten, and it was believed that Elvis had died of preslitis.

Later on Bill was jailed for representing the gay rights movement, even though he had nothing to do with it (he was actually a leading figure of the black rights movement). Bill was hunted by the Klu Klux Clan and was hung, but as his secret identity is Shrek! he survived. However he lost all of his friends and became a nerd. Again. At this point he became terminally ill with clamydia.

Death & Funeral

Bill Nye sadly passed away after the cameraman farted, and Bill died of laughter. At the time he was making a documentary about pop culture. Most people think he died from too much anal sex with dead babies. Or Bill Gates. Same thing, I suppose. At his funeral Gangnam Style was played, as he featured in the video. This is all KFC know about his funeral. To this day he is mourned by his fellow douchebags everywhere.

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