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a big dick is                   a really good
thing to have when         you are doing sexes
with your mom and fucking   her big enourmous ass.
Big dicks were originally thought to of originated from
Frosty land Earth where Adam and Eve were
Getting naughty and Adams Diqq Dick
stretched out and became 100
Inches permanately.
Every single person
After that, they just
Sat and said, Look!
There's a big giant
Dick! It is soooooo
Long! Omfg! Lolol!
He always felt tired
Having to carry this
Big dick around. He
Started to then cry
Like a big pizza pie
Very dramatically. He
Said Boo hoo hooo!
Why can't my dick be
Normal not long like
The others? Waa waa
Adam was a crybaby.
But, the girls were all
Like, Oh my gosh! He
Is totally my man! Woo!
That made him feel much
Much better. So they still
Continue to sport big big
Diqqs Dicks to this day. I
Would like to have a nice
Suck of adams dick! No.
I don't. Anyway, it's usage
Is fucking your moms ass
Inside to outside, all of
The way. All the way
Like a | dildo!
Lol| Lol!

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