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“Snap! Snap! Crack!!!”
~ Beta-trap on thee

Móusetráp (derived from mouse and trap) is a device, in which it's easier to get trapped, than escape from it. Example of mousetrap is this article.

edit What real hunter should know, when he sets a mousetrap

  • Don't dig a pit for anyone. Let him do it for himself.
  • Supermassive black hole is the best mousetrap. But how to get a victim from there?
  • If first two didn't help, try ’em again. Exempli gratiā, tomorrow. Thou'll have to sleep here, but thou are a hunter or who?
  • If thou're not a hunter, there's only one way. Thou are hunter's meal.

edit Thou're still here?

That's right. Because thou're in mousetrap. No exit here.

Erudits (101 and more) are able to read and understand even this.

Do thou know? There's one link here, which leads elsewhere. It's recursion. But thou'll feel worse in there. So don't pull hoop on thy neck.

So, what to do, if thou got trapped? Exempli gratiā, shoot in thyself. Unfortunately, thou have no gun. For alternative way read next two rows.

Who's able explain, whatever is the endl-
ess? And whoever may percept the endl-

edit Who saved the writer

  • Anonymous
  • 2nd anonymous
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