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Belly dancing (belyora insocumdancia) is a horribly debilitating disease afflicting nearly 7% of the world's population. The disease causes a person to ruthlessly claw at their abdomen uncontrollably, breaking the skin and eventually tearing through the muscle tissue. The disease is referred to as belly dancing because once the abdominal muscles are breached the stomach flops out and begins writhing about and giving small hops when contacting a hard surface. The movement of the stomach is actually caused by stray nerve signals which are the product of the disease disintegrating the cerebral cortex.


The disease first appeared in Australia in 1982 when a strange meteorite that had struck the ground centuries before was unearthed by Chester C. Huxlem in the town of Dondortha. Huxlem immediately contracted the disease, but before dying had managed to spread it to 80% of the towns people. This is because the incubation period is several weeks and Mr. Huxlem, soon after unearthing the space debris, attempted to sell it door to door. Mr. Huxlem died in a Wendys restaurant in front of about 17 people. As onlookers watched on in horror as Huxlem's stomach hopped about on the floor a small child exclaimed "His belly's dancin'!".

Prevention and Cure


In the final stage of the disease, lesions in the form of shiny beads start to appear. The patient here is dancing her way out of the cruel disease.

There is unfortunately no known cure for belly dancing. Preventative methods are limited only to complete avoidance of infected persons. Because of the 100% mortality rate and extremely contagious nature of belly dancing, people who are infected are encouraged not to go to a hospital for help and to instead run into a nearby forest and lie down. Most modern hospitals are now equipped with snipers trained to take down any approaching people that show even the slightest signs of belly dancing. For this reason it is now highly dangerous to scratch your stomach near a hospital zone.

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