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Beginner's Guide
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What Uncyclopedia is not

Uncyclopedia is a wiki, which means that anyone can add content to the site, anytime, anywhere, confident in the knowledge that it'll likely get deleted within the hour. If you think you have a really funny idea for an article (even though you probably don't), you can add the article to Uncyclopedia via this easy step-by-step process:

  • Type your article's title into the "Search" box on the top right of the page, and click "Go".
  • If your chosen title already exists in Uncyclopedia, consider contributing to that article instead of creating your own. Otherwise, try a new title in the Search box.
  • On the search results page, there should be a red link at the top (Results 1-X on Uncyclopedia for: blank). Click that link to create your page.
    Note that Uncyclopedia also contains other "namespaces", like UnNews (for news-style pages), UnTunes (for original music and musical parodies), Why? (for the deep, philosophical questions), UnPoetia (for poetry) and many, many more.
  • See the following sections for information on how to format your article properly.
  • If you create a short page that you intend to expand later, add a {{construction}} tag to it. Additionally, you can share a message with everyone to let them know you're happy for them to add their own content if they feel like it by using the following format (change the message as approproate and use the PREVIEW button to make sure it works: {{WIP|I am happy for anyone to add to this article as I've run out of ideas}} This should keep admins and other users from moving or deleting the page without your consent.

Please note that Uncyclopedia is not Undictionary. Well, it sort of is, since they're both part of the same website, but then it sort of isn't. Here's the rundown:

Uncyclopedia is for full-featured articles. These can be long or shorter than long, but not short short. They typically have several sections and an image or four.
Undictionary is for short entries. They are generally only one or two or three sentences and are usually humorous definitions rather than detailed articles.

If you prefer to create Undictionary articles, fine; just make sure you read the directions on the Undictionary page. Basically, instead of starting a page, go to the page named "Undictionary:" followed by the first letter (such as Undictionary:K) and add your new definition as a section in the existing page, in alphabetical order. There are more directions on the Undictionary page, but these will get you started.

For some unofficial, but useful, advice on how to develop ideas on uncyclopedia without having to worry about your work in progress being deleted, check out How To Get Started Editing Uncyclopedia.

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