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Battle can refer to:

BattleBattle CityBattle Of Orc's Drift
Battle Royale
Battle of AgincourtBattle of AntietamBattle of Bosworth
Battle of BrisbaneBattle of Canada
Battle of Corner CanyonBattle of Crawford
Battle of GettysburgBattle of Grunwald
Battle of GuadalcanalBattle of Hampton RoadsBattle of Hastings
Battle of HiroshimaBattle of HothBattle of Hulao Pass
Battle of ItalyBattle of Jieqiao
Battle of MiamiBattle of MidwayBattle of Normandy
Battle of OrgreaveBattle of PeleliuBattle of Pelennor Fields
Battle of Placentia BayBattle of SalamisBattle of Stamford Bridge
Battle of SydneyBattle of ThermopylaeBattle of Trafalgar
Battle of VerdunBattle of Waterloo
Battle of the AlamoBattle of the BandsBattle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge in my PantsBattle of the Gypsy CartBattle of the Kursk
Battle of the Little BighornBattle of the Network StarsBattle of the Pearly Gates
Battle of the River MoleBattle of the SexesBattle of the Somme
Battle pelican
Battleship Potemkin
Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar PotemkinBattletoads
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