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You may be looking for Blitzball and not even know it!


Keep trying guys.

The Baseball-based nuclear weapons delivery system was first conceived in 1972 in Japan because:

  1. Japan wanted to have nuclear weapons of its own.
  2. The Japanese obsess about making things smaller.
  3. The aliens controlling the Diet (a national dieting fad in japan) were obsessed with baseball at the time.

The goal of the program was to "Blow up those bastards in North Korea and China."

Because Korea and the eastern part of China were so close to Japan, such a program was feasible. Thus, Japan embarked on a two-decade long program in an effort to find a baseball player who could hit it far enough.

They disguised it as a national baseball tournament in Japan, called "Koushien." Koshien was actually taken from the Japanese word "Ko-chen," which means "Training for blowing up Korea and China."

The program was discontinued in 1996 because the research centre was destroyed by a fight between Godzilla and Mothra over whose Tamogotchi (translates to: "Sitting and watching some pixels move around for a day on a tiny screen") was more of an evil creature of Satan.

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