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Barbie Doll Fortress 2 is the hideous bastard child of Team Fortress 2. He was born when Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play, and soon after that, hordes of idiots, japanophiles, furries, bronies, and other abominations flooded the game community of Team Fortress 2, thus turning into it into Barbie Doll Fortress 2.


edit Common Sights

edit Stupid Names

edit 12-year-olds who don’t know how to play

The main reason some of the more seasoned TF2 players abandoned Team Fortress 2 when it became Barbie Doll Fortress 2 was not as much of the introduction of hats or even stupid names, but because of the new host of idiots flooding their once-favorite game. Many a game of 2Fort was lost not because of the entire team doing poorly, but because of a few selfish, angsty 12-year-olds thinking Team Fortress abides by the same rules that Call of Duty does, and thus pissing off every sane player on the server.

edit Shameless Sprays

One of Barbie Doll Fortress 2's most prominent features (aside from hats, of course) is the generous amount of XXX-rated sprays, mainly of anime, furry, and human variety. This is usually bait used by some of the more seasoned players to get easy kills, but sometimes players do this just so they won't have to exit out of their game when they want to fap.

edit Pinion

Last but certainly not least is the fascist consortium known as Pinion. These villains are the ones paying the Server Admins to advertise on the server (essentially, they Admins are paying someone who pays someone else), and by doing so, they interrupt you when you first get on a server running Pinion. As if waiting to play on the server weren’t enough, if the version of Pinion the Admin is running is outdated, they will interrupt you WHILE YOU ARE STILL SPAWNED and will make you wait between matches. Their lousy excuse for this is “Blame the server admin about it,” similar in a manner to which Obama blames other people for his mistakes.

edit Dressing up your character

The core reason free-to-play Team Fortress 2 is called Barbie Doll Fortress 2 is because of the introduction of the Mann Co. Store, which added hats, scarves, wigs, and “Hit Me” signs to be bought (rarely found, but mostly bought) from said store and plastered on the class of the player’s choice.

edit Scream Fortress 2 and Smissmas

From time to time, Valve’s TF2 developer team gets a bright idea and adds a new level in Team Fortress 2, and, of course, adds new hats to the Mann Co. Store, along with different skins to the ammo and health drops to compliment the holiday season.

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