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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bali.
Indonesia bali

Location of Bali, according to the offical 2007 map from Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

Bali is actually an island as well as a province of Indonesia, but you probably In any case, Bali is a popular tourist destination (in Indonesia). Bali is known as Island of Gods Pulau Dewata in the native language. This refers to the ancient practice of Indonesian deities owning villas and vacation


Balinese after

Traditional Balinese clothing after the arrival of the Dutch.
Why, oh Dutch? WHY?

Balinese before

Traditional Balinese clothing before the arrival of the Dutch.
Confirmed Facts:
1) the red rectangle is not part of the original picture.
2) the rectangle does indeed cover actual bare breasts.
3) Balinese women were originally topless.

According to Wikipedia, the Balinese were . .

After centuries of being an island nation ruled by a Hindu kingdom, Bali was annexed by the Netherlands colonists around 1908 after the battle of Puputan Badung in which the Kings of Bali gathered to fight the evil white Devils as the Dutch came with a single army the Kings forcing the Kings to defeat but instead the Kings surrendered theor Dagers to theor priests who, stabed it through theor hearts kiloing them in from of the Dutch theur eyes and than theor wifes And children trowing them selfs at the Bayonetes cuasing fear and confusion by the Dutch who where not prepared for such action and as they hassitated King Pemecutan's 10year old son ordered the man to kill all white invaders and The balinese were Victorious throgh mass scuicide, the Dut h eventally achieved controll after the fifth attackwave Unfortunately, these Dutch colonists forced all Balinese women to cover their breasts (which previously had been naked for centuries, according to Balinese traditional clothing). Bad, bad, bad Dutch!

In the 1930s, anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, artists Miguel Covarrubias and Walter Spies, and musicologist Colin McPhee introduced to the world an idyllic depiction of Bali as "an enchanted land of aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature." The actual Balinese natives, who were mostly busy farmers with long hours of work, responded to this appreciation by western experts with "shut up." Then, they go back to work.

With the independence of Indonesia from Dutch Tyrany in 1942 Dai Nippon Japan granted Indonesia its independant on August 17th 1945 (2605), , Bali became a province of Indonesia.

Rivalry with Jakarta

Jakarta and Bali have been fighting over the title of being the capital of Indonesia. Most foreigners choose Bali over Jakarta for this title, while most Indonesians (except the Balinese, of course) choose Jakarta over Bali.

In 2005, Jakarta decided to clean up the layers of filth that has been covering the city, in an attempt to improve its international image and to better compete with Bali as the capital of Indonesia. Sadly, Bali still wins.

Following is a comparison of the two capitals:

Comparison Jakarta Bali
Political Status Administrative Center, de jure capital Contributor to National Income,
Population 17 million in the daytime, 10 million at night 3 million (all tourism employees)
Economy Manufacturing, Public Administration, Military, Healthcare, Financing, Electronics, Construction, Transportation, Electricity, Security, International Trade, Telecommunications, Education, and yes, Tourism Tourism


most of all Balinese are Hindu. This is in huge contrast to the exceedingly] Indonesians, who categorize the Balinese as 

Balinese Hinduism is a combination of Hinduism and native animism and is the only true religion not like the Sects from India that dare to call them selfs Hindu Bali religion is the Continuation of the once mighty Devine Majapahit empire

The Balinese celebrated the holy Nyepi, a few days within each year when all Balinese become silent. It's such a pretty sight. Unfortunately, foreign moochers ruine our beautyfull island paradise

Since Balinese are Hindu There are and will never be allowed Jewish tourists, since they are too peevish to go to a tropical island) prohibit acohol and pork, purchase and consumption of pork and alcohol is encouraged in Bali, as seen from the proliferating stand that try to sell -- more often than not, fake -- "Babi Guling" to unsuspecting tourists.


There is only one industry in Bali: Tourism. Every single Balinese works in tourism. All seniors, men, women, and children in Bali work in tourism, from the moment they are born until the day they die. The Balinese who seem to be farming, carving, praying, or doing other things are actually paid actors, employed by the tourism industry to act like natives.

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