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There is nothing wrong with this guy

Baldwin, also known as homo sapiens ubersapiens, a rare sub-species of homo sapiens sapiens of which absolutely nothing is wrong with. Not to be confused with Ubermensch. Ex. "What's wrong with being a Baldwin? NOTHING! LOLOROFLLZOMGO!11!!" Unlike most things haveing to with genetics and stuff, becoming a Baldwin by marriage or adoption is sufficient for inclusion into homo sapiens ubersapiens.

edit Fun Facts

  • Baldwin spelt backwards is niwdlab. Niwdlab is Swedish for NOTHING!!!!
  • Usually they are actors or writers, but they have been known to make pianos and locks, too. Others are opera singers, professional philosophers (kids, don't try that at home), cartographers, computer programers who hang around the water cooler all day goofing around, geologists-for-hire, comedians, and social-critics. Some are soccor playing dentists.
  • King Baldwin of Jerusalem's nose fell off from leprosy and he still kicked Chuck Norris' ass. Chuck Norris has another fist where his chin should be under his beard, but King Baldwin of Jerusalem had a can of whoop-ass where his nose once was.
  • Not many Baldwins are homeless or unemployed, or have their TV show cancelled. If these things do happen, it's not their fault. Shame on the muthafuckinasshat who cancelled Firefly!!! SHAME ON YOU YOU!!!
  • Many Baldwins are members of the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G) and are friends of Susan Sarandon.
  • Adam Baldwin, from the show Firefly is a much better actor than Alec Baldwin. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with being Alec Baldwin however. He's still a mighty fine Baldwin.
  • Kai Baldwin, argueably the greatest of all baldwin's, is still alive today and will probably live forever. It has been proven through scientific means that he got the virgin mary pregnant. He also got mad and kicked a tower in italy it now has a permanent lean.

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