Backwards Peace Sign

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Backwards Peace

This gangsta is showing off the backwards peace sign before capping his prey in the ass, yo.

“I'm not sure how it's different from the forwards version, but it still gives me an erection”
~ Oscar Wilde on Backwards Peace Sign!
“Dude, it's like displaying love for like, the world...only backwards!”
~ Dirty Hippie on Backwards Peace Sign
“I chunk up tha deuce fo' the nawth and the sawth...”
~ Paul Wall on Synonyms

The Backwards Peace Sign is an archaic gang symbol used by Japanese kids, Gangstas, and White People that will never be Gangstas. The symbol itself is a reference to the values of the average gangster, turn your back against peace and cap the mo' fo's ass. Gangstas often give this symbol to their prey before viciously killing them with a fast metallic object, in the ass. However it has been developed to be used in other situations such as taking dorky pictures and imitating a confused hippie. The Chinese consider it to be the retarded brother of the normal Peace Sign and have adapted it to mean Fuck you.

Phallic Reference

Like most of the gangsta culture, the backwards peace sign is derived from a phallic image. Notice the two elongated rods erecting from the gangstas hand. No one knows why the gangsta uses two rods, but many guess that it is because he is twice as horny as his honky counter part would be in the situation. As the gesture is used to display yearning to cap someone in the ass, this symbol could also could be seen as a invitation to engage in Anal Sex. Thus it has also become a popular symbol of gay pride(especially in the relatively few Gay Gangs).

White People's Usage

White1 Peace1

Sadly, this poor white kid is about to be capped in the ass after accidentally giving the backwards peace sign at a peace convention.

White People should be careful when employing this gesture in any setting a gangsta or chinese person may be present. While to gangstas this symbol may be a sign of predatory nature, when used by a honky, cracker or asian, the symbol takes a reverse roll and is a symbol of prey. Many innocent white youths have fallen victim to the backwards peace sign and many are soon to follow. Here are areas where it's proper to use such signs:

If used anywhere else you will be capped in the ass, possibly repeatedly. NOTE:This is NOT the kind of ass capping that is done to a woman or a gay, this is death. Do not attempt to provoke a gangster unless you are a serious masochist.

White women such as Jodi Arias flash gangsta fingers to indicate they want to be gang sodomized.

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